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Lake Nottely Improvement Association
Working Together for a Better Community

Lake Nottely in winter
Photo courtesy of Helen Prieto.

Lake Nottely Improvement Association (LNIA)
Nominated for Holman Award

The Hiawassee River Watershed Coalition (HRWC) nominated the Lake Nottely Improvement Association for the coalitions’ Holman Water Quality Stewardship Award. The award annually honors a person or group that has demonstrated significant leadership and/or accomplishments that help sustain good water quality in the Upper Hiawassee River Watershed. Lake Nottely is in this watershed. Established in 1991, LNIA is a strong voice for Lake Nottely and its environs. Its active Board of Directors, 273 family members and corporate sponsors are vigilant on lake and Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) issues. LNIA was instrumental in negotiations with TVA which resulted in TVA maintaining higher lake levels. LNIA works with the Department of Natural Resources, TVA, HRWC, the Union County Sheriff’s Department, the Blairsville Chamber and many other groups.

The 2013 Georgia Legislature has passed two new laws that are extremely important to boaters:

BOATING UNDER THE INFLUENCE: The legal limit has been reduced from .01 to .08. The new law includes the intentional use of any glue, aerosol or other toxic vapors.

PERSONAL FLOTATION DEVICES: Any child under the age of 13 must wear an appropriate sized PFD while the boat is in motion. Note that this law has increased the age limit. More information on all lake regulations can be found on the LakeNottely.Org website.

Lake Patrol DNR Officer, Kevin Dyer, stated ”As we check boaters this season we will reward kids who are properly wearing their life vests. LNIA has provided great t-shirts for the children and is encouraging safety compliance.

Boaters are responsible for knowing applicable laws and for having their boats in compliance with regulations. The LNIA website is extensive and shares links to our DNR website, and many other sites, where any questions can be answered.”

Lake Nottely Improvement Association, Inc.
P.O. Box 2033
Blairsville, Georgia  30514



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Photo of Rainbow over Lake Nottely by Scott Anna

Rainbow over Lake Nottely by Scott Anna

Lake Nottely Improvement Association, Inc. is a non-profit corporation under the Georgia statutes. The board and officers are all volunteers and receive no compensation from the LNIA.

Our Mission is to maintain, protect and enhance the quality of Lake Nottely and its surroundings for the benefit of all lake users. We work closely with the TVA, GA DNR, USFS, Union County, and the Hiwassee River Watershed Coalition in the pursuit of these goals.


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Lake Nottely Improvement Association
P.O. Box 2033
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